• Jim Clarahan

It's all Doug's fault

As in Doug Opheim, RSM's fearless CFO. A brief side trip down memory lane to August 2002. Doug hosted a Friday happy hour for me at the Steak & Ale next to RSM's Bloomington MN office, as I had just moved to the Twin Cities to work at our HQ office. Doug asked the "party team" to recommend a few places that might be fun for me to checkout. It was strongly recommended that I attend the Children's of Minnesota benefit fundraiser at the Lake Calhoun Beach Club the next night. ... so there I went for my first Saturday night in town.

Hundreds of people filled the club, with live music and casino style fun with all sorts of prizes. The GRAND PRIZE was a gun metal blue, 100th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Road King. Only 100 raffle tickets were being sold, steeply priced at $300 each. Prior to that event, I had never owned or rode a motorcycle, and had no real desire to. As I entered the club, the charity's host team immediately hounded me to buy a ticket. I politely said, "no thank you", yet they relentlessly hounded me. I finally agreed to buy the last ticket - if they could find me. A few hours later, and they found me. Instead of the "last" ticket, they were down to the final "four". Several strong arm twists and my wallet was $1,200 lighter - I was nuts. At midnight the band stopped playing and prize winners were announced. Next thing I know, my name is called out as the winner of a brand new 100th Anniversary Road King.

My "easy rider" life started that weekend, all because Doug hosted that welcome to the Twin Cities happy hour. So my Ride 4 Dray, really is Doug's fault.

Thank you, Doug and the RSM team that attended that happy hour way back in August 2002.

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